[Users] Action with User Input does not work

Andreas Fink finkandreas at web.de
Sat Feb 11 14:28:50 CET 2012


I tried to setup mairix search as described here: http://www.claws-mail.org/faq/index.php/Using_Claws_Mail_with_other_programs#How_can_I_use_Claws_Mail_with_mairix.3F

The problem is, that I do not get a text-box where I can enter the search string. Any idea why this is happening?
My action is defined as: > ~/coding/bin/claws-search

Second question: Is it possible to combine actions? I would like to start the search and after searching changing the current folder to the search folder.

Third question: Is it possible to update the current folder without leaving and reentering (i.e. if I start the second search, I wanna see the new search results)

My installed version is claws-mail-3.8.0 (gentoo, with these use flags: crypt dbus imap ipv6 ldap session ssl startup-notification -bogofilter -dillo -doc -nntp -pda -smime -spamassassin -spell -xface)


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