[Users] Thank you for Claws-Mail

Steve Litt slitt at troubleshooters.com
Wed Feb 8 22:38:29 CET 2012

Hi all,

Thank you for making Claws-Mail, and for answering all my questions.
It's been a lifesaver.

You might have already heard that transitioning from Ubuntu 11.04 to
Ubuntu 11.10 requires "upgrading" from Kmail to Kmail2. Kmail2 requires
you to keep at least some of your email data in a database called
Akonadi, requiring a conversion of your old maildir and mbox emails,
and of course Kmail2's conversion program fails, and then when you
restore your mboxes and maildirs and try to run it again, Kmail2 says
"sorry, you already converted."

Kmail has always been bloated and intermingled with all sorts of KDE
uselessware, but they've really outdone themselves with Kmail2. Bottom
line, I could not upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10 until I transitioned out of
Kmail, so I had to make that transition fast.

So I laid down a copy of Dovecot on my desktop, moved all my Kmail
directories to Dovecot via IMAP, and then went looking for an email
client to use as an IMAP front end. I tried Balsa, Thunderbird,
Sylpheed and Claws-Mail, and Claws-Mail was the best, so that's what I

These days email's a pleasure. My email client doesn't freeze my
computer and it doesn't spawn 99% CPU usage dcopservers. I hardly know
how to use Claws-Mail, yet it's already as fast and handy as the Kmail I
used for 11 years, so imagine how good it will be when I've had a
couple months' experience with it.

Thank you very much for making Claws-Mail and for being such a helpful


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