[Users] Keyboard shortcuts

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Mon Feb 6 01:12:38 CET 2012

Picking up an old thread...

About 3.8.0cvs26. There seems to be a problem now with the 'View -> Go to' where i can not assign a single key anymore, because the action is performed immediately when i hit any key. In the past i could assign simple keys (like "n" or "p") to internal actions. For example, i assigned 'v' to show the full message list. It still seems to be possible to assign single keys to other menu actions.

Another Q, arrow up and down seems to be the default for moving up / down in the message list. Yet i had N and P as shortcuts, too. Was that me or is it default too ? Usually i do not use P and N, therefor, i wonder. 
If both is default, then why redundant ?

And i wanted to ask why assigning single keys have them show up in major case, in the menu. But i suddenly realize that people who aren't used to latin alphabet, have it much easier to identify the keys as they appear on the keyboard. (It must be confusing to them, though, that a pressed key does not result in the same character! Like, pressing G does a g instead!) So, this is well done :)

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