[Users] Fw: a few questions from a new user - recover using archive ?

RSV-RR rsv869 at roadrunner.com
Mon Dec 31 03:35:58 CET 2012

hello group -

Sent this note a few days ago and didn't get any response.  My primary
question is this:  assuming I use the archive tool to back up my CLAWW
mail, how do I recover using that archive. I don't see
anything in the documentation or in the app itself.



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Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2012 23:01:40 -0500
From: RSV-RR <rsv869 at roadrunner.com>
To: users at lists.claws-mail.org
Subject: a few questions from a new user

Hello group -

I'm a new user considering converting to Claws and have a few qustions:

I see understand how to archive but haven't yet seen how to recover
from that archive.  

Is there a way to automate the archive process so it can be done

How can mail be imported from other mail applications?  I see only a
import of one mbox folder at a time but the application currently
being used is Evolution, with lots of folders.

I'm sure there will be more but thanks.


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