[Users] [Bug 2847] Incompatibility between Windows and Debian signatures

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Wed Dec 26 15:22:33 CET 2012


--- Comment #4 from Bob Daniel <bob at blisworthhouse.co.uk> ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> If the workaround is set up as described it should work: _each_ OS has a
> script to write a correct accountrc from the template before invoking, so
> when claws-mail reads it it has the correct path on each OS.
> The only drawback is when you alter the configuration of some account, you
> have to re-create your template from the real accountrc with the
> modifications, otherwise changes will be lost on next script invocation.
> Or are you trying to do it with two instances of claws-mail, one per OS,
> simultaneously? This can work by luck, until you access same files from both
> instances. This is definitely neither supported, nor workaround-able.

Just two instances! Where is your ambition (!). Potentially 4 as there are 4 in
the family. The reason I moved from Awful Outlook was that one family member
never closed Outlook, so we were all locked out due to its monolithic PST file.

But we never read each others' email so I suspect we shall be OK. We have been
so far thanks to your suggested workaround.

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