[Users] Question about SMTP servers?

Bjørn T Johansen btj at havleik.no
Thu Dec 20 07:19:52 CET 2012

On Wed, 19 Dec 2012 20:11:21 -0500
Rich Pieri <richard.pieri at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, 19 Dec 2012 23:42:29 +0100
> Bjørn T Johansen <btj at havleik.no> wrote:
> > Actually I am not using SSL when sending emails, so this solution
> > works fine... :)
> Hold on. Let me make sure I have this right.
> Assumption 1: Your ISP requires authentication for SMTP. I assume that
> your ISP does use SSL to encrypt authentication for SMTP. Correct me if
> I am mistaken.
> Assumption 2: You do not use SSL on your private network because it is
> a private network. Again, correct me if I am mistaken.
> Case 1: Use CM configured for your private network. This will not work
> with your ISP given Assumption 1 above.
> Case 2: Use CM configured for your ISP's mail relay. This will not work
> with your private SMTP server given Assumption 2.
> Is this an accurate summary? If so then the answer to your question is
> that this isn't a CM issue at all. No MUA that I can think of can do
> what you want without using multiple account profiles. The simple
> solution is Case 2 as I suggested. It works on any network barring
> those networks that explicitly or accidentally block mail traffic.

As I said, using my solution works fine... :) I am not using ISP SMTP server, but both the internal and external SMTP servers are mine... And both have the same DNS name, since I
have an internal DNS and external DNS... I use TLS for authentication on both and CM works now as I want, sending via my internal SMTP at home and external SMTP when I am not... :)


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