[Users] Possible Newbie Issues - v.3.90.0

Charles Lipton crlipton at gol.com
Tue Dec 18 12:33:38 CET 2012

>On Mon, 17 Dec 2012 23:51:37 +0900
>Charles Lipton <crlipton at gol.com> wrote:
>> 2.  My problem is that clamd does not start but
>> clamav seems to be working. 

And on Mon, 17 Dec 2012 15:12:27 +0000
Sharon Kimble <boudiccas at talktalk.net>

>I had the same problem with clamd, it was solved by installing
>clamav-daemon, maybe thats what you're missing?


That worked perfectly.  Thanks for the suggestion. I hope the solution
to my other problem can be fixed as easily.

Charles Lipton
crlipton at gol.com

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