[Users] Possible Newbie Issues - v.3.90.0

Charles Lipton crlipton at gol.com
Mon Dec 17 15:51:37 CET 2012

I have spent nearly four weeks solving several self-inflicted problems
with my desktop which has led (via several different Debian-based OS
tryouts) to upgrading my OS to Linux Mint 14RC, so I could keep
Ubuntu-type commands with a KDE desktop, and upgrading Claws Mail from
3.8.1 to 3.9.0.  

My main problem has been getting Claws to accept my previous settings
and folders.  That was until I opened Dolphin as root and discovered
that all of the files I'd saved to a spare HDD prior to doing a clean
install of Linux Mint were being transferred to my new desktop with
ownership reset to root rather than user.  Once I changed the
permissions, things seemed to generally run properly with two

1.  I am unable to force message filtering after receive.  When I
switch to my inbox and click Tools -> Filter all messages in folder
filtering takes place without error.  However it will not automate.  

- The filter after receive option is selected in the setup for each of
  my three accounts.

- In my accountrc file, the relevant lines read:


- I have not checked the permission box to use an external program for
  receiving and haven't tried that option.

2.  Clamd doesn't start.  I asked about this issue a couple of weeks
ago and it only brought a response that was basically a repeat of what
is available online.  My problem is that clamd does not start but
clamav seems to be working.  I have followed the man page instructions
for creating a new clamd, setting all options to default, and it
still does not start nor do I find anything that is a trigger.  Is there
a way to manually start clamd for testing and then to make it start
automatically with Claws once it works reliably?  

Charles Lipton
crlipton at gol.com

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