[Users] E-Mail Printing under FreeBSD

edwardp at linuxmail.org edwardp at linuxmail.org
Fri Dec 14 22:51:17 CET 2012

On Thu, 6 Dec 2012 18:27:10 -0500
<Edward> wrote:

> I have been using FreeBSD on-and-off for the past couple of weeks (by
> swapping hard drives, Linux on one, FreeBSD (as PC-BSD 9.0) on the
> other).
> When I printed an e-mail from the FreeBSD port of Claws, the first
> line at the top of the page was chopped off.
> I'm curious to know if this is a FreeBSD problem or perhaps a problem
> with the Claws port.  The printer is an HP DeskJet 932C, HPLIP (also
> installed) provides full support for this model.
> I was able to (somewhat) solve a printing issue with the SeaMonkey
> (SM) suite, printing web pages by adjusting one of the right margin
> settings in the configuration file, however the URL which should
> normally print at the upper right of the page with SM and Firefox,
> does not print in with the FreeBSD port of SM, so this could be an
> altogether different issue.  
> Thanks in advance..

I am pleased to report that the Claws Mail printing issue in FreeBSD,
was not related to Claws Mail.  :)

Anything that was printed (I had installed the PC-BSD distribiution.),
would be chopped off at the top, e-mails, web pages, etc.

Not to mention that overall, it ran very slow on this particular
hardware.  It's now running Debian Linux again.

- Edward

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