[Users] Action in Windows doesn't react

Egbert Bouwman egbert.bouwman at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 23:32:18 CET 2012

Colin Leroy wrote:
>  any action using pipes under
>  Windows is silently unsupported. Sadly the fork/pipe/dup/etc soup under
>  the hood of these actions is highly OS-dependant. (And portability will
>  benefit using a rewrite with g_spawn_*, but I didn't look at that yet,
>  that seems rather painful :)

That is a disappointment, and I hope it is only temporary.
It means that for the time being we have to go on with the Pegasus mailer,
because of their shadow-subject option.
And that is something which can be done much more elegantly and user friendly
in claws-mail-linux with a user action.

The positive side of my experiments is that I now use Claws-mail wherever I can.
I am a convert.

Thanks for your windows explorations.
Egbert Bouwman  [GMail]

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