[Users] Running into CC problems

Peter Spotts w1pns at comcast.net
Tue Dec 11 00:24:39 CET 2012

Hi folks,

I've run into a bit of trouble addressing emails and didn't reaily find
anything on this during what may have been a too-hasty look in the

When I enter an address in the initial address line, a new address
line pops up underneath the initial one. So far so good(?). 

But, when I finish the address in the first line and drop to the second
line and select either another To: or a CC:, when I begin typing the
address, the cursor pops back up to the first level, which gets cleaned
of its original address, and that's where my typing appears. 

And, if you act now... 

When the cursor jumps back up to the first address line, the To: field
takes on the attribute of the field from which the cursor jumped -- if
I used To: in the first address line and CC: in the second, when the
cursor jumps back up, the first line automatically chages to CC:. 

This has happened on 3.8 as well as now on 3.9. I'm running Ubuntu 12.10
(and previously 12.04).

Any hints as to where I should look to fix this. Or is it bug-report

With best regards,


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