[Users] Message shows strange redirection (reveals censorship)

Miroslav Rovis m.rovis at inet.hr
Mon Dec 10 11:51:55 CET 2012

The techical issue of this article is at very end, marked with litteral
string: "the technical issue".

Only because, and I do express reserved thanks here to Google central,
because the fact that none of my videos that I posted to Youtube is
missing, and contrary to the probably pressure on Google by the local
regime of my country's, since my e-mails that I send and my e-mails
that people send to me, are massacred, let me repeat, e-mails I send to
people and e-mails people send to me, are massacred by the local stupid
regime I live under (but which is somewhat, somewhat only, God, how
deep the brainwash in people's minds!, shaking)...

And I thank them for the fact that none are missing of my screencasts of
my mailings (and other activities) videos, of which videoa some are (or
would become in case of denial of their service), somewhat notorious
and even popular (local Youtube is allowed to manipulate numbers of
viewings, so don't be misled by low numbers), and my videos are a
long-standing proof of their censorship...

And for the fact that none the posted screencasts on Youtube have been
deleted or hidden (other than me placing the longer and more boring ones
among "unlisted")...

And only for that fact that Youtube don't delete or hide videos people
post, for which fact I thank both Google and Youtube (but, pls.
understand me, not the local regime branches, no!, they do play pranks
on my videos! and on mails and postings; only they haven't got permit to
delete videos I posted, and I bet, I bet, I bet they tried! Let me
make it a little more spicy here, by the fact that they got one
country in the world to blacklist a couple of my videos, and that
country is the one that people worldwide are unaware how stupidly left
it turned: Germany!, yes, the Soviet style EU hegemon!... I think two
videos, and really unwarranted before God and men!).

And since they didn't want to be discovered and just had to let through
in a very particular way one important e-mail to me, I can proof now
their censorship on me!

They would have been discovered because of this video that I mentioned
three days ago now:

> I'm at a choked connection, taking me 8 hours to post 800M video...

It is unlisted because it is one of those too difficult for the general
public to watch, and belive me, I was sick of video cutting and pasting,
to make the video more easily viewed and shorter, and just posted it as
my friend ffmpeg took it:

(WARNED you have been!):
Dopuštenje za uporabu Markovih pjesama uz nekoliko minuta Vukovara,
Screen 2012 12 07, 12h

And then what happens? I wish I could write bilingual here as well,
because this thread on Claws mailing list is certainly of interest to
domestic audience, but, never mind, it'll be there on:
it'll be there in English, and it'll be there in Croatian, once I
traslate it, hopefully, and it'll be in Youtube screencast with a
commnent, probably.

But then what happens? My gay, happy, beautiful, privider, since
they regularly sift through my e-mails, never mind the privacy
policy, c'mmon!, what, they have to endear themselves to the regime,
don't they?...

So they read the messages exchanged btwn the Thompson's Band
manager (Marko Perković Thompson is without any argument whatsoever, the
Croatian singer that has in entire our history, had the largest
following of sympathizers and fans, and despite of to the excessive and
abusive and persistent campaign of the regime and media against him,
such as being himself currently, or maybe soon to be, judicially
accused and smeared for invented tax fraud or similar; so in such
circumstances I am also proud to have been persecuted by a regime that
persecutes the righteous like him, mind that I had 4 months jail time
suspended sentence over me, two years caution recently elapsed).

He got his nickname "Thompson", because in the war of defence that
Croatia waged, but for which Croatia also stood accused in the
persons of its top generals, and for which the International Court
Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in the Haague recently cleared the
remaining accused generals of the Republic of Croatia of all the
wrongdoings whatsoever, and declared them innocent before the world,
pls. see (only in Croatian at this time):
and other videos, just search by, maybe, these "2012-11-16" and
"Generali" but, wait, if you want the most beautiful scenes, go for the
afternoon videos of the day:
HTV, 2012-11-16 14h 30m, Zagreb: Generali Gotovina Markač, povratak!

But I was recounting how Marko Perković got his nickname "Thompson"
because he was a Fighter armed with a Thompson rifle at the beginning of
the War of Croatian Independence back in 1991.

And there you have a manager of his band, that is liked and followed
the most in Croatia (no other singer packed Croatian stadia and
venues as full as he did, ever), replying to me, and then what
apparently happens is, the local little Google happy gay employees gets
Thompson's manager's message on Croatian-News, because it was sent as I
intended it to be sent, having I added to my query's mail header:

Reply-To: croatian-news at googlegroups.com

I was asking for a permit, and permits are public, aren't they, and so
I was asking publicly, am I not allowed to?

No, I was not. No way! Were that the first time people tried to
publicly reply to me, or publicly support me, or publicly say they
appreciated what I did, and little local Google Croatia bullies scrapped
what people publicly sent to me, I wouldn't even mind so much.

But that has been the regular way they have treated anyone trying to
contact me publicly via: 



(the above are the old and the new interface to same content)

for years now. For years now.

A recent example (I learned screencasting for anti-censorship purposes
only relatively recently) is:

Complaint to Google Central about Google HR Censorship, Screen
2012-11-15, 23h

and later developments (some of it yet to come, God permitting)

what free speech? No free speech! None for dissenters, as far as they

Come on! Give me a little break!

Before going on to technicalities, let me give you a link to the more
user-friendly video on this undeniable censorship issue, that I made
when it finally dawned on me what happened with these mails in

Lectio 9 2012-12-09, msg. from Thompson's, Iskon & Croatian-News
Collude in Abuse, HRVATSKI

#=== the technical issue
Now I do believe I got it right. But, you more knowledgeable people
then me who have granted me the honor of reading this article you're
reading, pls. look up the source of the reply email in question that I
( Src_MAIL_121209_Thompson_permit_Vukovar_REPLY_ZdravkoBarišić.txt ). I
am still new to Claws, but I got the source saved through GUI
interface, and I also did a search (in my mailbox), like so:

$ grep -r 'njegove pjesme su mi najdra' /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/
/Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1603:Vrlo cienim Marka i njegove pjesme
su mi najdra=C5=BEe, te nisam mario ni za
/Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1606:Vrlo cienim Marka i njegove pjesme
su mi najdra=BEe, te nisam mario ni =
/Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1605:Vrlo cienim Marka i njegove pjesme
su mi najdraže, te nisam mario ni za

"njegove pjesme su mi najdra" is a string from the original e-mail I
sent, meaning "his songs are dearest to me" ('najdraže' instead of
'najdra' in fact, for full Croatian phrase). 

Those were my words actually, so the search gave my mail and the
replies (the copy of what I sent via www.thompson.hr and the manager's
reply). So I went on and searched for manager's words only.

$ grep -r 'nama je u interesu da se Markove pjesme što više
čuju' /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/
$ grep -r "nama je u interesu da se Markove pjesme što više
čuju" /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/
$ grep -r "nama je u
interesu da se Markove pjesme" /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/
/Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1606:=A9to se ti=E8e nas, nama je u
interesu da se Markove pjesme =B9to =

The first of the three latter searches for the string "nama je u
interesu da se Markove pjesme što više čuju" couldn't be found either
with ' or ", the two types of quotes, because the original reply from
Thompson's manager was in iso8859-2 character encoding (uses Windoze,
what can you).
You can see that in the source mail itself ("Microsoft Office Outlook").

But, since I'm new to Claws, I don't know what the best way is to send
the source mail, I did now some 20 minutes search, and came up with no
useful tips...

So I just have to venture and send it as plain text. I warmly hope it
doesn't clutter this text further, since it is already lengthy.

(I inserted newlines in the pasted output, because the
line wrapping can be confusing)

$ md5sum /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1606


ec37bd4a741b117f46ac92efded9bfb1  /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1606



or if you want sha256, then (I inserted newlines, because the
line wrapping can be confusing):

$ sha256sum /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1606

b5e2b4588530c5828c536aa185dbe0631e74b36bdb8f4436c80abc62926d1146  /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1606



Am I correct that:

Line 3:
Received: (qmail 215653 invoked from network); 7 Dec 2012 13:51:50 +0100

Google sent this message to:

Line 5:
Received: from in4.mail.iskon.hr (

gay (meaning happy, cheerful, joyous) gay Iskon provider!


Line 10:

being the Google IP, Google mail, Gmail (?, really not in the clear on
that one, because, pls. read on)

Because there's this address as well:

Line 14:
Received: from 8-226.dsl.iskon.hr ([]:1143 helo=barisicpc)

"barisicpc" being apparently Zdravko Barišić, Thompson's manager, but I
don't get that entire line.

Is he with the same provider, I mean,

Line 29:
X-AntiAbuse: Original Domain - inet.hr

But I just looked up and saw that:

Line 28:
X-AntiAbuse: Primary Hostname - carbon.studio4web.com

is a web hosting firm in the making, so...
it's them who are probably with gay joyous Iskon provider, the happy
free speech loving and not ever any mails of their users reading
to their claims, ever!!) provider.

Line 46:
X-SpamTest-Info: {RECEIVED: dynamic ip detected}

and the lines following is,  I guess, is because I was using Tor to
send query from their interface.

That same query I also sent from my
Claws mail program, and I also posted the WARNED you have been!-marked
screencast, unlisted on Youtube, link above that I gave.

But I may be wrong as to what the lines 46 and immediately following
refer to.

Also, I just checked and saw that thompson.hr is done as it should 
be, in utf-8 encoding, so why my message to which Thompson's manager
replies is in his e-mail shown in garbled, from the aspect of a user,
ŠĐŽĆČšđžćč, it's probably because of his own Outlook program... Not
from everybody is expected to be knowledgeable about char encoding, so
this is by no means a reproach. I respect these guys, and am thankful
to them for their love of Croatia and the beautiful songs they make!

So, and I of course, have to thank Claws-mail developers for the fine
program that revealed the strange redirection to me, and I really
believe I was right in my assumptions that can be viewed and listened
to on Youtube about this instance of censorship

(again: Lectio 9 2012-12-09, msg. from Thompson's, Iskon & Croatian-News
Collude in Abuse, HRVATSKI  http://youtu.be/x0vyGR8YBc0 )

, bacause to me, as somewhat experienced user, it
does appear that the message was sent by Google Mail service, whithout
which sending to Iskon for Iskon's forwarding it on to me, I wouldn't
have received anything whatsoever, regardless that I sent
my query in different and diverse, can be said, in triple ways.

That, on the other hand, could not have been done without my dear
gay happy Iskon and bully local little Google HR exchanging opinions
and deciding together what to do and what to send, and what not to
allow, and so forth... May you be ashamed, both of you, Iskon and Google

The tech is over in this message. Let me just point you to what I said
about the kind of people who hold power in Croatia.

I talk about them from 9 minutes 30 seconds of this
video (the last six minutes):
Claws-mail, garbled ŠĐŽĆČ and why

God bless all of you.
Thanks if anyone gives more light to the source mail that I attached
( Src_MAIL_121209_Thompson_permit_Vukovar_REPLY_ZdravkoBarišić.txt )!

Miroslav Rovis
m.rovis at inet.hr
miro.rovis at gmail.com
01 660 2633
091 266 0202
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#===    pravomoćno!   ===#
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