[Users] [Bug 2835] add_address() in addr_compl.c should allow a NULL name

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Sun Dec 9 04:40:47 CET 2012


--- Comment #2 from neels  2012-12-09 04:40:46 ---
I think my ML post has a much clearer description of what this is:


I was annoyed by the fact that the address keeper plugin fails to push
new addresses into the address completion immediately.
Basically, to get immediate updates working, the address-keeper plugin should
refresh the address book [second attached patch]. But if the 'name' of the
recipient is empty, claws-mail still drops it from address completion because
of some obscure condition in addr_compl.c, and that's what my patch for
claws-mail tries to fix [first attached patch]. With both patches applied, it
works the way I'd expect it to, crossing fingers against any adverse effects.

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