[Users] [Bug 2833] RSSyl generates too much IO

higuita higuita7 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 9 03:16:33 CET 2012


> This is inevitable, since every new item from currently parsed feed
> update needs to be checked against existing items, to see if it is one
> of them (so it can either be ignored, or updated with new content).

	How about caching that info. Claws mail folders have cache to
avoid parsing all the messages for info.

	RSS feeds can both have little info, but can also have
a lot of items.
> You could create a cleanup processing rule (e.g. condition "age_greater
> 7 & ~unread", action "delete") to get rid of old stuff. I understand
> that might not be desirable, though.

	I already had the idea of moving the feeds to another
(mail) folder, but duplicating the RSSyl folders dont look like the
correct way of solving this, so i open the bug :)
> Only possible solution I can think of would be an optional age cutoff
> setting, with updates not being checked against older items.

	yes, cutoff after the date of the last item plus 1 day look
like a good idea. this way it will always update the last entry (the
more probable of having one update), plus a few more, depending of
the feed update rate

Thanks in advance
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