[Users] claws mail with gmail and hotmail

Георги Никифоров g_nikiforov at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 7 21:16:04 CET 2012


I've recently installed claws mail and I'm really impressed with that
program. I'm using gentoo linux amd64 and Claws mail 3.8.1, which is
the last stable version in the portage repository. However I two
problems which are I still need to resolve.

1. For some reason the bulgarian spell checking does not work. I've
installed aspell and hunspell. In english everything works just fine,
so I'm wondering if I could get any pointers on that.

2. I have a hotmail account and a gmail account. I've set up the gmail
account as imap as described here
and the hotmail as just an SMTP account, so that I can send email with
my hotmail account as well (I have the hotmail forwarded to the gmail
account, so I'm fine with receiving). From my hotmail SMTP account,
I've set the sent mails to be saved to the Sent folder of the gmail
account as well. That seems to work fine, however the same sent message
also appears in the gmail inbox folder. I guess when claws saves my
sent message into the Sent folder (or label), as a side effect that
message also gets the label INBOX. So it appears in both folders. If I
go into Gmail from an internet browser and remove the INBOX label of
that letter, then it appears only in the sent folder, as it should be.
So my question is whether there is a way to copy a message into a
folder in gmail, without having that letter pick up the label INBOX.

Thanks a lot in advance for any answers.

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