[Users] Garbled ŠĐŽĆČ šđžćč, why (my guess), but how to fix it?

Miroslav Rovis m.rovis at inet.hr
Fri Dec 7 20:32:32 CET 2012

On Fri, 7 Dec 2012 16:17:21 +0000
Paul <claws at thewildbeast.co.uk> wrote:

> On Thu, 6 Dec 2012 15:44:16 +0100
> Miroslav Rovis <m.rovis at inet.hr> wrote: 
> > If anyone has ideas on this, they are welcome.
> > On my part, I'll go and study claws and it's manual, and see if I
> > come up with something.
> It's probably either your system or the particular message in
> question. Hard to say without access to either.

Sure. Access would make it easy for someone knowledgeable. I have
access to all my data but can't figure out enough about it. :-)
Leaves me a little scared :-(
But not entirely true that the particular message could be at the issue.
Partially true only. Because at least two were, so plural, not singular.

And they were, past tense, because there's a "Claws-mail, garbled ŠĐŽĆČ
2". video coming, not immediately because they choke my connection to
the internet, but is coming.
In that part 2 it'll be apparent how the problem vanished...

But let's deal with what we have.

"Claws-mail, garbled ŠĐŽĆČ and why"
I just posted underneath the text:
At 0:50 and 1:50, two messages, same garbled effect.

The system is Gentoo,
# uname -r
updated pretty regularly, mostly near flawless performance...

I'm at a choked connection, taking me 8 hours to post 800M video, and
miserable room for anything else, but there is quite a few videos on my
Youtube channel about Google Croatia (HR, Hrvatska), a.k.a local guys
allied very much or straight working for the regime, playing pranks on
Since I screencast almost all the time I go online, I catch them live
sometimes in undeniable breach of Google policy...
Let me find, aargh this'll take time... but nevertheless let me find
some fine example from among my videos...

Here's one:
Complaint to Google Central about Google HR Censorship Screen
2012-11-15, 23h
http://youtu.be/XagBbgR75h4 I made it in English, it's a complaint to
the higher-ups about the local Google bullies.

And sure enough, there's no.2:
Complaint to Google Central 2, User Pestering with a Purpose
2012-11-23, 22h

I can say that they somewhat curtailed their pranks after those
complaints, just somewhat, not for desire of good, but because their
pranks do not serve the company, do they, and they must've been told
off, not because of me, I'm not saying that!

I'll be back when the "Claws-mail, garbled ŠĐŽĆČ 2", a shorter more
easy-going video is up, which gives some, not much, new development,
when is up on Youtube. Time is slow here since I'm on about 1/3 of the
coonection speed that I pay for. That is currently my destiny as
dissident against Croatian neo-Bolshevik regime.

I don't enjoy having to write the above, but the problems are of the
outside origin, because vanilla, non-compromised Gentoo install and
upgrade/refurbish/reinstall/you-name-it wouldn't anymore be a problem
for me.

OTOH, I have backed up these:



which are the directories /home/me-as-user the first and the second
the entire mailbox for m.rovis at inet.hr.

I also have wireshark logs which I don't sufficiently understand, far
from!, but still I almost always I fire up wireshark to be able to
analyze the traffic later, I mean some time in the future when I
learn it...
Screencasting, I don't anymore go online without it.

I don't believe in monkeys writing Bible, and here:

System attacked, Konqueror went on window-popping spree!

is very interestingly monkeys from space opening exactly a page on my
router through which I connect to the internet from either of my system
on my SOHO network... Those monkeys would only need the password... and
they'd be happier than if you gave 'em load of bananas...

But all these is still only context to the issue as much as concerns Claws-mail.

I only actually have one question which is probably easy for any of you
devs to answer:
I was wondering, were there any other directories than those two, one
in /home the other the mailbox, for me to back up, so I can reproduce
previous, backed up Claws install, along with the settings if I make any
new tweaking, onto another system, from, say, possibly affected, system
of mine? Or is it, as seems to me, just those two directories?

I have already found out how to move to new sent messages from
possibly affected to clean cloned claws system and am rather confident
that it works fine.
It's the newest numbers to copy over, because in folders, and the
sent foleder is one, Claws stores every sent message in a file that
gets a number, and using diff to compare old and new claws install (the
clean and the possibly affected), I just copy over the newly sent
messages and then I can leave the new (possibly affected) claws and
start working completely over from the old with the added sent messages.
Of course, I only don't lose anything, because I don't download any new
messages into the possibly affected old system in the meantime. Which
is easy to set in the Claws settings that download of messages is
stricty only manual.. I hope they don't break that like they broke my
Thunderbird... where I didn't eventually have complete control, far
from! of my Thunderbird install. Believe you me!

I am talking here same or nearly same hardware systems, cloned, as
systems, not talking just claws program here, but the Gentoo OS on
hardware systems or computers, cloned, as systems btwn each other as
Here's how:

Use old amd64 gentoo image on new amd64 hardware, possible?

The only week entrance points on a hardened kernel run Gentoo OS on
such computers as in the link immediately above, if there is
no other unsuspected source of compromising agent, are the router if
they guess the password, and the mail, yes, but I'm quite confident that
Claws isn't easily worked out into hackers' paradise, which my
Thunderbird did eventually turn into...

But this is a loong message... Soo... for now,

> with regards
> Paul

Thanks, dev!

Miroslav Rovis
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