[Users] Garbled ŠĐŽĆČ šđžćč, why (my guess), but how to fix it?

Miroslav Rovis m.rovis at inet.hr
Thu Dec 6 15:44:16 CET 2012

It is, in a case like this, best shown in screencast:

"Claws-mail, garbled ŠĐŽĆČ and why"
you only need the first 9 minutes, or even just the single first one
minute to see what problem I have.

A note on this message and esp. the title:
If the characters are not right in the title of this message, it's just
more to the same problem and on the same problem.

Anyway, to put it in words for those who prefer it in text:

All of a sudden, after being exposed to the internet a while, and it
can be shown on same messages that already allowed replying and sending
in fine utf-8 encoding...
...all of a sudden, no more so.
But instead, these chars specific to Croatian (and some other
Central-European languages): šđžćčŠĐŽĆČ would show all garbled and
unreadable, and it is not fixable from the Claws-mail interface.
Suspicion: my own regime's hackers (I am a dissenter, and was already
almost jailed after havomg beem dragged to court repeatedly in rigged
judicial processes).
Help needed to fix this.
Have backup, previous, 2 days' old backup doesn't produce garbled chars
in exact same circumstances and with same messages.
Have backed up all of claws-mail, meaning, the mailbox itself, and the:
~/.claws-mail directory.
Can sift through settings and messages, old and new, the bad and the
good, the bad being the new (because hacked into, IMO), the good the
old (2 days's old), in whichever of, the Claws-mail directories or
mailbox, as necessary, as to pinpoint the problem...

If anyone has ideas on this, they are welcome.
On my part, I'll go and study claws and it's manual, and see if I come
up with something.

Miroslav Rovis
m.rovis at inet.hr
miro.rovis at gmail.com
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