[Users] How to migrate "read/unread" status from KMail to Claws?

Inigo Aldazabal Mensa inigo_aldazabal at ehu.es
Sun Dec 2 11:31:34 CET 2012

El Saturday 01 December 2012 a las 23:08,  Nicolas Iselin escribió:
> Hi,
> I know there was a similar question about this a few days ago, but I am
> unable to find it in the archives. Sorry.

I assume you are referring to my question


which remains unanswered, but... read on.

> I am migrating KMail-mails to Claws using a combination of my own
> scripts and some found in various places. I am quite successful right
> now even on weird Kmail structures with a mixture of MBOX and MDIR
> "folders". However, all mails appear in Claws as "unread" after
> migration.
> While KMail has that in "Status:" and "X-Status:" Headers (which are of
> course also migrated), claws seems to store that information in the
> tagsdb.
> Is there any way to move that status from KMail-representation to
> the tagsdb with a script (preferrably shell, but I would be able to do
> it in perl if needed)?

Yes there is. I finally looked for the relevant information in the Claws 
sources and I have the migration script almost done. I plan to finish it 
in a couple of days and I'll post it back here.

> Or is this problem implicitly solved when I would use a different
> migration scenario (like moving the mail in Kmail to an IMAP Server and
> then move it in Claws from imap to the local disk)?

I'm also interested on this information.


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