[Users] [Bug 2828] Use MD5 digest for socket name

Holger Berndt berndth at gmx.de
Sat Dec 1 23:21:47 CET 2012

On Fr, 30.11.2012 19:15, Rich Pieri wrote:

>> In fact, when I ssh into my machine, it is set. Not that it would
>> matter. And I don't really care about a good place to put unix
>> domain sockets on windows right now, thank you very much.
>It isn't set on any of my Debian servers.

Then you just found out how the Debian versions that you use do it, not
how it's "usually" or always done. Linux is (unfortunately) too diverse
for this kind of generalizations.

>> I doubt that you have the authority (or insight) to make this kind of
>> design decisions for Claws Mail. That's up to the maintainers.
>Log into a computer with GNU Emacs installed. Look for the files
>pop3.el or pop3.el.gz. Look at the author line. That's me. I was
>writing mail handling software before either Claws or Sylpheed existed.
>I'd say that gives me at least some insight into how to do it right.

That's cute, but it doesn't impress me much, sorry.

I showed you that you didn't really understand the problem scope in the
first place (in the part that you stripped out in your quoting, by


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