[Users] installation error message: authentication protocol problem

Charles Blair c-blair at illinois.edu
Sat Dec 1 19:27:48 CET 2012

   My claws-mail install (debian linux machine) continues
to get the warning "configured mailbox, but incomplete."

   I have noticed that I also am seeing

"While connecting to session manager:
None of the authentication protocols are supported."

   My current account preferences use what worked
successfully on a previous machine:

IMAP4 for receiving, Automatic authentication,
SSL used but not STARTTLS.  I have tried both checking
and not checking the "non-blocking" box.

   I have gone to /root/.claws-mail and tried to
copy the folders clawsrc and accountrc from my
previously working 3.76.  This did not seem to
make any difference.

   Thank you for continuing advice!

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