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Salvatore De Paolis iwkse at claws-mail.org
Sat Dec 1 02:04:42 CET 2012

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Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 14:53:15 +0100
From: Jonas Petersson <catellie at gmail.com>
To: Salvatore De Paolis <iwkse at claws-mail.org>
Subject: Re: Tuning the fancy plug

Hi again Salvatore,

I'm sorry, but I'm getting doubts about my switch. Here is why:

A lot of the time it works pretty well - in particular it starts up a
LOT quicker than Thunderbird, which was my main gripe.
However, switching between (big) folders is often painfully slow - in
my case I have several GMail accounts with a LOT of mails (basically
everything I've sent since 2005 or so). I've tried letting Claws
download all my old mails in the hope that it would speed things up,
but the network log window clearly shows that there is a LOT of
communication going on when I switch - and then quickly switching back
is just as bad. Am I doing something stupid or is this just a bad use

To make things worse, I just saw that it messed up the local copy of
my inbox for the THIRD time now - happily showing that my huge folder
just contains 24 messages, then newest being from January 2006! A full
re-downioad takes several hours... :-/ BTW: I'm now on pure 3.8.1 that
comes with Ubuntu 12.10 - I backed down from my own hack once when it
failed the first time in order to eliminate that my code is the cause
(it seemed unlikely, but still).

Perhaps I've just got too much mail (~8GB) to handle this way?
Google's web interface isn't perfect, but it never fails... In my mind
it seemed to work pretty well up until about 6 months ago, but it
might be the size of my mailbox that passed the magic border rather
then any of the mail clients that are broken really. A mix of Claws'
upstart and Thunderbird's folder caching would be the best.

                    Best / Jonas

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