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--- Comment #2 from Kai Henningsen  2012-08-31 17:06:24 ---
You are wrong.

RFC 3501, 7.1.5 clearly states that for an idle disconnect (case 3), the
connection is closed immediately after the BYE:

7.1.5. BYE Response

   Contents:   OPTIONAL response code
               human-readable text

      The BYE response is always untagged, and indicates that the server
      is about to close the connection.  The human-readable text MAY be
      displayed to the user in a status report by the client.  The BYE
      response is sent under one of four conditions:

         1) as part of a normal logout sequence.  The server will close
            the connection after sending the tagged OK response to the
            LOGOUT command.

         2) as a panic shutdown announcement.  The server closes the
            connection immediately.

         3) as an announcement of an inactivity autologout.  The server
            closes the connection immediately.

         4) as one of three possible greetings at connection startup,
            indicating that the server is not willing to accept a
            connection from this client.  The server closes the
            connection immediately.

Crispin                     Standards Track                    [Page 67]

RFC 3501                         IMAPv4                       March 2003

      The difference between a BYE that occurs as part of a normal
      LOGOUT sequence (the first case) and a BYE that occurs because of
      a failure (the other three cases) is that the connection closes
      immediately in the failure case.  In all cases the client SHOULD
      continue to read response data from the server until the
      connection is closed; this will ensure that any pending untagged
      or completion responses are read and processed.

   Example:    S: * BYE Autologout; idle for too long

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