[Users] [Bug 2671] deleting a folder fails on dovecot server

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Wed Aug 29 16:01:02 CEST 2012


--- Comment #4 from Colin Leroy  2012-08-29 16:01:02 ---
The problem also exists the other way for some other servers (or that would be
less fun).

What I don't understand is that Claws first tries without separator appended,
and only if it fails, add the separator:

[16:00:43] IMAP4> 1200 DELETE "INBOX.Admin.toto" 
[16:00:43] IMAP4< 1200 NO Mailbox does not exist, or must be subscribed to. 
** IMAP error on mail.i-run.fr: DELETE error
[16:00:43] IMAP4> 1201 DELETE "INBOX.Admin.toto." 
[16:00:43] IMAP4< 1201 OK Folder directory delete punted.

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