[Users] [Bulk] Re: Claws config needs much better documentation

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Tue Aug 28 04:07:33 CEST 2012

It just happened that i wanted to delete this message, after having read it, when i noted the cursor was already over the next (of Brian). I never ever had this problem before ... !

You guys really can confuse me, with all that yakety-yak...!  ;)

The 'soft selection cursor' was intuitively for me from the beginning, i can't tell why. I would not need any more colors or fancy frames. I would be ok with blanking the message text window though - when i 'strive' into the message list, i never want to go back to the last read (because it's already read.)

The bigger, general problem addressed seems to be how to introduce migrants to new ways of doing things. Of course there is the manual. And of course, we all read it only as the very last resort when the damage is already done ;)

Gimp have useful quick hints in the bottom status bar, which has tons of complicated key actions. It could be a 'newbie mode' default after first installation.

I'm sorry i butted in with second level thread fork. Don't reply here. 

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