[Users] [Bug 2451] Notification does not work on imap.gmail.com

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Thu Aug 16 18:38:29 CEST 2012


--- Comment #13 from Holger Berndt  2012-08-16 18:38:29 ---
> At least how it should be in the ideal world.
> But as we all now see it's just not working
> this way...

In fact, it is already like that. In the real world.

It's just your provider that's messed up. And I am not willing to break the
plugin for everybody (including myself) to workaround a provider bug / design.

> And people who use Gmail, they are many out there... Maybe make
> this configurable?

Obviously not enough. I already mentioned in comment #1 that I would be willing
to apply a (clean) patch. It's just that I am unlikely to do it myself anytime

The setting should be configurable, preferably per Mailbox.

> The
> problem is that the current plugin code clearly discriminates to notify on new
> and/or to notify on unread in the GUI (see
> Configuration/Preferences/Plugins/Notification page)

I'm not sure what setting you are refering to. On that page, there's an option
for setting the window manager urgency hint on unread messages. That's
something else, and has nothing to do with popups or the like.

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