[Users] [Bug 2552] in automatic checking, enable the use of different time intervals

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Tue Aug 14 09:24:21 CEST 2012


--- Comment #11 from Ricardo Mones  2012-08-14 09:24:19 ---
Yed, thanks for the updated patch.

> By the way, the global timer uses a checkbox, so there is an inconsistency...

Indeed, that could be simplified I guess, and wrongly I thought it was ;)
anyway that's a global preference, not an account preference, and probably
deserves the checkbox even if it could be implemented without it.

wwp, I think problems with receiving dialog may not be related with this patch.
 I'm suffering the opposite, i.e., not seeing the dialog at all, no matter the
settings and without any patch applied (cvs32). In fact right now I have "Show
receive dialog: Always" and "Close receive dialog when finished" unchecked and
yet still no dialog appears when checking all accounts (one local and some IMAP
at this box). Really weird.

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