[Users] [Bug 2718] Failure to check peer hostname when checking certificate

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Thu Aug 9 13:54:34 CEST 2012


--- Comment #12 from Colin Leroy  2012-08-09 13:54:34 ---
Dominique, one more thing 'cause I don't have an account on Novell's bugzilla:


We have a list of certs directories too, which we used back in the days where
our SSL implementation was OpenSSL-based. We added the files when switching to
GnuTLS which didn't at the time provide a way to provide a directory of trusted
CA certs.

If GnuTLS now provides that, I'll include a patch to use directories instead of
files when possible, when my distro will ship a recent enough GnuTLS so that I
can test -- or when someone writes it, it should be rather trivial like in the
upcoming attachment.

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