[Users] The reply mark in subject (R: Re:) recognition

Holger Berndt berndth at gmx.de
Wed Aug 8 21:58:48 CEST 2012

On Mi, 08.08.2012 20:37, Michael Rasmussen wrote:

>> That RFC recommends (!) the use of "Re: ". It clearly doesn't limit it
>> to that.
>No, you are wrong Holger. The RFC says, that you can notify in the
>subject line that this is a reply using "Re: ". But the notification is
>optional, not how you notify.

No. And please, if you want to argue with a spec, name the precise parts
that you refer to.

The spec that you're talking about, says stuff like
"The "Subject:" and "Comments:" fields are
unstructured fields as defined in section 2.2.1, and therefore may
contain text or folding white space. [...] These three fields are
intended to have only human-readable content with information about the

They are "unstructured" (meaning any sequence of US-ASCII characters)
"with no further restrictions" (sec. 2.2.1). They "have only
human-readable content".

"R: " is perfectly valid.


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