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Michael Rasmussen mir at miras.org
Wed Aug 8 16:40:57 CEST 2012

On Wed, 8 Aug 2012 10:04:44 -0400
Jerry <jerry at seibercom.net> wrote:

> In this case, if another MUA starts an original reply with a variant of
> "RE:", shouldn't claws-mail respect that also? I have been reading up
> on the various RFCs that apparently deal with this and have not been
> able to find a concrete answer.
No. How should a MUA know whatever other markup another MUA uses for
"RE: "?

The same applies to HTML. <P> means a paragraph and if I choose to use
<A> in my implementation and the distribute this to various browsers
how should these other browsers then know that HTML documents coming
from my implementation uses <A> as a markup for a paragraph? Should
they allow anything between <> to be treated as a paragraph and then
use a heuristic algorithm to deside whether <gibberish> means paragraph
or something completely different? How you any idea of the impact on
the size of the code base for a browser and the following degration in

So NO. RFC's are concieved by wise people for the benefit of
application programmers taken all, or most, aspect in to consideration
for the sake of interoperability, usability, and ease of implementation
so if implementors/programmers implements against the recommendations
they are either doing it for hidden purposes (read customer lock-in) or
simply because they are amateurs.

To conclude: I see no good reason to turn a professionel product like
claws-mail into some untalented rubbish! Just my 2 cents.

Michael Rasmussen

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