[Users] The reply mark in subject (R: Re:) recognition

Slavko linux at slavino.sk
Wed Aug 8 11:08:26 CEST 2012

Hi Michael,

thanks a lot!

Dňa Tue, 7 Aug 2012 23:53:20 +0200 Michael Gmelin <freebsd at grem.de>

> with the following content:
> #!/usr/bin/env python
> # save this as ~/.claws-mail/python-scripts/auto/compose_any
> # Workaround for R: in reply headers
> import re
> clawsmail.compose_window.set_subject(re.sub(
>   r"^(Re|Fwd|Fw): R:", r"\1:",
>   clawsmail.compose_window.get_subject()
> ))

I tried it today and it works for me! :-)

I only improve the regexp to:

r"^(Re|Fwd|Fw):( Re?:)+"

because your solution don't works with the subject in format "R: Re:
Subject" and produces the "Re: Re: Subject" line. Now it works for any
"R: Re" combination:

Subject 		-> Re: Subject
R: Subject 		-> Re: Subject
R: Re: Subject 		-> Re: Subject
Re: R: Re: Subject 	-> Re: Subject
R: Re: R: Re: Subject 	-> Re: Subject 

Only one thing is left - the subject manipulating changes the content and
closing compose window without any other change invokes the confirmation
dialog (Save, Concept, Cancel) - of course, only when the subject line was
changed. Is here solution to prevent showing this confirmation from this
script, please? Same flag, or something else, i don't know.

> As an alternative, in case you want to recompile claws yourself and
> maintaining a patch to it, you could also change utils.c, since as I
> learned, the German versions are already covered by claws mail. This is
> done in utils.c around line 3740, where it reads:

Thanks, but I prefer to use the distribution packages, because the
maintainers maintain the updates for me, and building own version only for
one people - i encounter this only now in years…


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