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Michael Gmelin freebsd at grem.de
Wed Aug 1 19:32:53 CEST 2012

On Wed, 1 Aug 2012 14:19:49 -0400
Barry Warsaw <barry at python.org> wrote:

> On Jul 31, 2012, at 05:50 PM, Sitaram Chamarty wrote:
> >The git ML is one such list (as is the lkml, I think).  I'm
> >subscribed, and I don't remember ever seeing a duplicate message on
> >mails where I'm in the to/cc so the ML software must be eliminating
> >duplicates before it does its thing.
> >
> >Either that or gmail is doing it on the receive side based on
> >message-id.  This is less likely.
> This is a surprisingly complex and controversial issue, but one of
> the things I really like about Claws is that it tries to do the right
> thing, and usually gets it right.
> In general, if you receive a message via the mailing list, and that
> mailing list supports RFC 2369, it will have a List-Post header
> containing the proper email address to send replies to.  In Claws,
> you should be able to "Reply To Mailing List" (Ctrl-L by default I
> believe) to reply just to the list, with the To header properly set
> and no CC to the original author.
> Of course, GNU Mailman by default sets up the headers correctly, but
> because there is some controversy in this area, it does give list
> owners some knobs to twiddle, and some do choose what I consider to
> be bad defaults.  In those cases, you have to complain to the list
> owners because Claws *can't* do the right thing.
> There are two other cases to mention.  In Mailman's case, individual
> list members have the option to not receive list copies of messages
> which they are also explicit recipients on.  While this can reduce
> the duplicates you receive, it does mean that you will not get the
> copy of the message with the List-Post header, so Reply to Mailing
> List can't work.  If you think about it for a second, you'll see why
> Mailman can't do what you really want, which is to suppress the copy
> of the message you receive off-list, i.e. so you would receive the
> List-Post copy.
> This can get tricky if you don't have "suppress duplicates" enabled.
> You'll get two copies, the one with List-Post and the off-list one
> without the header.  In that case, you need to be a little careful
> which one you Reply To Mailing List on, because one will DTRT and one
> will not.  I've gotten in the habit of including List-Post (and a few
> others) in the default set of headers I see on messages in Claws, so
> it makes it easier to decide which one to reply to.
> Gmail is also the odd ball here in so many ways.  IMHO, it just
> doesn't play nice with other clients and MLMs.  For example, you
> never see the copy of messages you send to mailing lists reflected
> back through the list, because Gmail does duplicate Message-ID
> suppression.  This is a Mailman FAQ.
> I think Gmail also doesn't support a Reply To Mailing List function,
> so I can always tell when I get replies from Gmail users because I'll
> be in the CC list, which kind of sucks.
> Gmail also does really weird, funky quoting which tends to give
> desktop clients such as Claws fits.  I know I'm talking to a Gmail
> user when I see a reply that is nearly impossible to follow.
> Don't get me started about Gmail. :)
> Cheers,
> -Barry

I never checked the menu for a reply-to-list function (the toolbar is
doesn't provide it, not even in the drop down menus next to the icons).
It seemed kind of strange to me, since Claws is the perfect mail program
for dealing with mailing lists and I should have known that the
functionality is somewhere.

Actually, searching the menu bar would be useful in such a case (IMHO
the most useful feature on OS X). It's not a real excuse though, since
this was only three clicks away and I gave up too early.

Anyway, thanks for the hint, it made my day ^_^

Michael Gmelin

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