[Users] IMAP eqvt for "Receive Size Limit"

Sitaram Chamarty sitaramc at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 01:49:56 CEST 2012

On Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 12:16 AM, Colin Leroy <colin at colino.net> wrote:
> On 30 July 2012 at 16h46, Sitaram Chamarty wrote:
> Hi,
>> Is there any way in IMAP to get the effect of the "receive size limit"
>> setting in POP3?  I have lots of large messages in gmail and trying to
>> set it up over IMAP is proving to be a real pain.  Most of those
>> messages are not really needed on the desktop (in "imapcache"), and
>> I'd be happy to have the download happen "on demand" (i.e. when I
>> click on such a message).
>> I don't even mind if there's a way to say "get headers only" and defer
>> getting the bodies till I click.
>> any hints appreciated.  (Note: I have no filters running or even
>> defined on this machine.  Same for pre- and post-processing and folder
>> rules).
> There is no such setting for IMAP, but Claws should only fetch headers
> and not body if you have no filtering nor pre/post/processing. So that
> is strange that bodies are fetched...
> Apart if you have Synchronise for offline use checked in folder(s)
> properties ?

Thanks for your email.

The sync setting is not on by default is it?  My problems happen when
I try to set up a gmail account in claws and I did not set anything
except the bare minimum connectivity info.

Curiously my *work* email (also IMAP) it runs along just fine, no huge
downloads until I click.  It's only gmail that suffers this problem.

To be very specific, when I setup gmail, the progress bar on the
bottom right chugs through the few thousand messages at a decent,
constant, rate (implying only headers are coming).  Once it is done,
it will then start over, this time much more slowly, and it is clear
it is bringing down bodies.

For the moment I've given up on using gmail with claws.  No big deal.
Maybe I'll try again after an upgrade.

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