[Users] Easier way to open message?

Manfred Schmitt claws at slashproc.org
Fri Apr 27 15:31:35 CEST 2012

Thomas Taylor wrote:

> Is there a shortcut/key to open an unread message besides using the mouse?  I'm
> experiencing some nerve damage and am increasingly having problems opening a
> message using the double click of the mouse.
> I know how to get to the next unread message but not how to open it.  When I
> used kmail and Thunderbird, I could open a message by just pressing the return
> (enter) key of the selected message.  That doesn't work in CM (3.8.0).
Could it be that you're searching for Configuration -> Preferences -> 
Display -> Summaries -> Open message when selected?
I never understood why anyone prefers to read messages in a new window, 
what is the benefit over reading all messages in the bottom pane (with
the Standard Layout)?


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