[Users] Easier way to open message?

Milan Obuch claws-mail-users at dino.sk
Fri Apr 27 08:17:51 CEST 2012

On Thu, 26 Apr 2012 22:47:22 -0700
Thomas Taylor <linxt at comcast.net> wrote:

> Is there a shortcut/key to open an unread message besides using the
> mouse?  I'm experiencing some nerve damage and am increasingly having
> problems opening a message using the double click of the mouse.
> I know how to get to the next unread message but not how to open it.
> When I used kmail and Thunderbird, I could open a message by just
> pressing the return (enter) key of the selected message.  That
> doesn't work in CM (3.8.0).
> There is no "read" option in any of the menus so can't do it that
> way.  Is there some way to allow the enter key (or some key
> combination) to open the message?
> Thanks, Tom


A bit longer version:

I am using claws as an alternative to kmail now, and most of the
differences are just a matter of habit. There are two things in UI I
surely would like to have in claws - ability to open message with some
simple keystroke as stated in Tom's mail, if enter key could be used
for this, great, is something else but simple, acceptable. This makes
navigating through messages possible with keyboard only - arrows for
folder selection, enter or something else for message opening in new
window. Currently it it possible to scroll message pane with enter or
space downwards and backspace upwards, but I would see more value in
assigning enter key a function of opening message. Or is there some
method to achieve this? Special configuration or maybe hidden

As a second annoyance for me is behavior of message pane when selecting
multiple messages - it does not change when I select more than one
message with Shift-Up/Shift-Down. As I test it now, in 3.8.0 even the
status line under message list pane does not change - it still reads
<folder name> 1 item selected (<item size>), not counting messages
selected and their total size as I change selection... For me kmail's
behavior is much more intuitive here - using Shift-Left/Shift-Right
(this difference is not important, just for completeness) I can select
more messages, the last one added is marked with cursor in message list
and as I add new message to selection, this message becomes marked in
message list and its content will be showed in message pane. This way I
can do quick browse in message folder for messages not interesting for
me and finally process them all with single delete. Reviewing them one
by one and deleting one by one is much slower.

It is possible to select multiple messages with Shift-click, too,
(keyboard+mouse combo) this time message count and total size is
computed correctly, but message pane is not changed, which leads to
some confusion if you have message A selected, Shift-click it to
unselect it and Shift-click message B - you have selected message B in
message list pane, but you see content of message A in message pane...

That being said, claws is great for those who do not like to go with
new kmail with all its new shiny and bloated features and would like to
have something lighter and smaller. My feeling is its 'enter behavior'
should change to match other mail clients' - I think it is actually
common to use enter to open message in new window in most mail clients
used today.


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