[Users] Bringing up a message display issue

Karen and Jim sindbergj at att.net
Mon Apr 9 21:42:25 CEST 2012

I'm new using C-M 3.7.6 on my laptop.
OS is CrunchBang Linux.  Also new to me.
Installed both less than one month ago.
I have Thunderbird and Ubuntu on another partition.

I want to use a double display (not 2 monitors).
Just folders and messages list. I try to keep the
3rd (msg) display depressed, out of sight.

When I want to read a message, I tap on
the touchpad.  Mostly I have to tap several
times to get the message to pop up.  Usually
it is a double, then triple tap,
total 5 taps.  But sometimes a double tab
brings up the message.  Is this usual?

Or if I use the left button, then a double
click of the button is usually good.

But sometimes when I single click the button
it brings up the 3rd display.  I don't like that.

How do I lock this 3rd display out of sight?

I get the feeling that C-M and CrunchBang are not
as mature and bug free as TB and Ubuntu.
But I do like their (C & C) speed.

Thanks in advance.

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