[Users] [Bug 1492] New mail from Gmail IMAP are not mark as 'new' by Claws Mail

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Tue Nov 29 20:15:23 CET 2011


--- Comment #6 from Troy  2011-11-29 20:15:22 ---
That might be the point of IMAP, but the point of mail clients is to make what
the server sends more usable. Take spam reporting. Claws has a few plugins that
help cover the inadequacies of server-side spam alerting. Those plugins won't
help if you view your email from a different client but they sure make it
easier to keep using Claws. The same would apply here.

Could we set up some sort of bounty to make it worth your time to add this
feature, possibly as a plugin? As far as google is concerned they have no
reason to support the Recent flag. They want us to use their web interface so
they can show ads. There's a lot more hope in changing the claws developers'
minds than googles.

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