[Users] [Bug 1492] New mail from Gmail IMAP are not mark as 'new' by Claws Mail

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Mon Nov 28 21:51:21 CET 2011


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--- Comment #2 from r0polach  2011-11-28 21:51:20 ---
Well. Saying that this problem is gmail problem
is a bit simplifying. Thunderbird handle this
("new" markers on IMAP / gmail) correctly, so
it definitely seems doable and may be it is not
a gmail problem but Claws problem.

And even if not, would it be a good idea to loose
users because of half-way support for most used
e-mail provider in the world?

I tried to use Claws mail instead of Thunderbird
for gmail+IMAP. And I must say Claws is simply great
and this bug is the only one I cannot solve on my own
somehow. So I reverted back to using Thunderbird
for now due to this problem.

I would like to see this bug reopen.

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