[Users] Claws Mail vs Sylpheed

Colin Leroy colin at colino.net
Mon Nov 28 15:38:23 CET 2011

On Mon, 28 Nov 2011 14:54:07 +0100, Christian Hesse <list at eworm.de>

> Ah, great!
> This includes claws-mail 3.7.10cvs42 now. Thanks!
> (However I' pretty sure that gpg4win included claws-mail 3.7.8cvs48
> (not really sure about the cvs revision, but it was very close...)
> when I was searching for 3.7.10.)

Yeah, I update the snapshot at claws-mail.org more often than the
GPG4Win team releases. Of course, it's not a GPG4Win-endorsed release,
but I do test it (a bit) before uploading :)


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