[Users] Search capabilities

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Fri Nov 25 22:47:34 CET 2011

Well this seems to really be about search somehow ;) how about we discuss anything related to search capabilites here, and bulk-saving in the original thread ?

I could not find if claws allows for regexpr in recursive search. I think the search manager UI is quite good, but for geeks, hacking in regexpr could be faster. That would work on any body (w/o headers) or headers, as is of course. So it would basically be embedded in the existing manager. Or is this already implemented ?

May i butt in here with a kind of feature request. When searching deep folder hierarchy recursively, a MUA could present the hits in a separate folder. That could be a default folder like 'searches' with subfolders for any created search profile (for example, automaticly named by date and time but renamable).

Technically, a mail in such a folder could be a symlink to the real one. If such a mail was changed (tagged, deleted) it would affect the original mail in the first place. 

It is clear this requires some specific management (for example, moving should of course not move the symlink but the original, and dangling symlinks must be removed upon opening of the folder) but maybe it's worth the effort. And then, by now 'Search' is under 'Edit' but strictly seen we don't edit any mail here, and it could be naturally placed under 'Tools'. With the proposed design, it could stay in 'Edit' for good reasons :) isn't that a charming argument ?!

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