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Fri Nov 25 17:51:19 CET 2011


On Fri, 25 Nov 2011 10:19:28 +0000
Graham P Davis <newsboy at scarlet-jade.com> wrote:

> I’ve mentioned this problem on openSUSE newsgroup but no-one there had 
> the same problem, so I'm trying here to see (a) if I really am alone and 
> (b) if anyone can suggest why I'm suffering.

I guess it'll be hard to help you efficiently, as no version is ever
mentionned, and the you sent was created using a different MUA, but :
 - I'm running Claws 3.7.10 on a Fedora + KDE machine without any such
 - I've seen older release of Claws using more and more memory as time
   goes, thus causing the machine to slowly degrades performance, but that
   was long ago, and 3.7.10 is OK now. I never investigated to identify 
   wether that was a bug in Claws or qt/gtk/gdk/kde/... but my current
   config is rock-stable
 - I also have about 10 differents mail accounts, so it seems my config is
   close to yours, except for RAID ;)

And last, my Claws keeps running for days, and it is heavily used all day
long, it is opened also during night as I want my machine to continue to
fetch mails.

The main difference seems to be the CPU usage : top reports :
 1974 rol  20   0  903m 146m  17m S  0.0  3.7   0:34.12 claws-mail
so here CPU is about 3.7% but that's also at the time it is fetching, and
I'm composing. Overall usage is less than 1% (Old dual core CPU, 2GHz).  

> I can only think of a couple of other possibilities: (a) Claws was 
> designed for running on Gnome and there may be a problem with how it 
I can't blame Claws+KDE combination...

> fares on KDE, and (b) there is a steadily-growing I/O problem while it 
> is running. My /home directory is on RAID 10 whilst all others are on a 
> separate disk.
Maybe you could try to use something as iostat to see if that's happening ?

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