[Users] How to process and change subject of e-mails

Piotr Drozdek pioruns at o2.pl
Tue Nov 22 00:51:14 CET 2011

Hello users,
First of all I would like to say hello to everyone, I am new on this
I'm using Claws Mail for a while, years ago I was in love with one
of most advanced mail program for Windows - The Bat!. After switching to
Linux I was looking for a good program and finally I landed with Claws
So, let's focus on my problem.
I have filter which moves e-mails with certain subject to designated
folder. After moving it, I would like to change e-mail subject, I know
it can be simply done with Linux command: sed.
Subject: [some_text] Some_text2

I wan't to change it to looks like:
Subject: Some_text2

Please tell me how to set processing in Claws Mail to cut out
[Some_text] from e-mail Subject. I will be very grateful for your

Piotr Drozdek

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