[Users] [Bug 1563] Folder view: show complete threads if they contain unread messages

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Sat Nov 19 16:15:36 CET 2011


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Changes related to this bug have been committed.
Please check latest CVS and update the bug accordingly.
You can also get the patch from:

2011-11-19 [pawel]    3.7.10cvs90

    * src/folder.c
    * src/folder.h
    * src/folder_item_prefs.c
    * src/folderview.c
    * src/mainwindow.c
    * src/mainwindow.h
    * src/summaryview.c
    * src/summaryview.h
    * src/gtk/authors.h
        Fix bug #1563 'Folder view: show complete threads if they
        contain unread messages'
        Add option to show only threads with unread messages
        initial patch by Paul Ollis, my small additions:
        - when checking thread for unread finish on first unread
        - make thread options unavailable when threading is off
        - hide_unread_msgs and hide_unread_threads are mutually
          exclusive options, set menus sensitivity accordingly
        - set folder item icon type similiar to hide_unread_msgs

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