[Users] Call claws-mail from Opera (Windows) FAQ

Slavko linux at slavino.sk
Wed Nov 16 17:38:14 CET 2011

Hi all,

i was today playing with claws-mail - opera, which was working for me, but
in last days i updated the opera to latest (11.52) version a did some
setting changes, and opera stops sending emails via claws-mail (on

To solve it i found the FAQ (1) item and tried using it, but for me i need
enclose the params into quotes. Perhaps will be fain to update it, or
simple mention it in this FAQ item.

The original one contains only this:

claws-mail --compose mailto:%t?[subject=%s&][body=%m]

My suggestion is to provide the path to settings dialog (maybe bad
translation to english):

Tools -> Settings -> Advanced settings -> Programs -> mailto protocol

The settings for "Open by another application" is divided into two parts:

a) "disk:\path\to\claws-mail"
b) --compose mailto:%t?[subject=%s&][body=%m]

And after this to mention (for unexperienced users), that brackets are for
optional parts and when these parts are used, the brackets must be
removed. Good idea can be to mention that the opera's params (%s, %m) can
require to be enclosed in quotes (e.g.: subject="%s") - this was needed
for me. The quotes can be needed, if the path to claws-mail contains
spaces, too.

Notice: under Linux with the same Opera version (but never claws version)
setting of the parameters is not needed for me, and i have this field



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