[Users] [Bug 2535] Folders-of-folders should show total messages of child folders

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Tue Nov 8 21:16:15 CET 2011


--- Comment #7 from Little Girl  2011-11-08 21:16:14 ---
> Checkout the hidden 'zero_replacement_char' preference for that...

That should work perfectly for those who want it. (:

> Having a single column displaying different kind of data is completely
anti-intuitive in my opinion...

It's actually about all three columns - the New, Unread, and Total columns.

As an example, I have a folder called Archives. There are no messages stored
directly in that folder, but there are three sub-folders in it, each of which
contains messages. The way the columns work currently, even though there are 6
new messages, 6 unread messages, and 18 total messages in the sub-folders, the
numbers in the columns of the Archives folder tell me there are 0 new messages,
0 unread messages, and 0 total messages:

Archives           0      0     0
    Folder One     1      1     3
    Folder Two     2      2     6
    Folder Three   3      3     9

Here is how they would look if the numbers in the Archives folder gave me the
totals from the sub-folders:

Archives           6      6    18
    Folder One     1      1     3
    Folder Two     2      2     6
    Folder Three   3      3     9

>From the responses to this bug in the mailing list I know some people prefer to
have the numbers reflect only the totals of any messages directly in a folder
and not have it add in the totals from sub-folders. As a result, it would be
nice to have this be optional. (:

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