[Users] [Bug 1924] Messages marked move to Trash appear identical to messages marked move to $FOLDER

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Tue Nov 8 20:47:25 CET 2011


--- Comment #12 from Little Girl  2011-11-08 20:47:25 ---
Thank you to both of you for your interest in this enhancement! (:

I've got Claws Mail installed via my package manager so I can't try the patch,
but will happily try it out when the next version of Claws comes out.
Currently, if you mark a message to be moved, it gets colored dark blue and it
gets a move icon next to it, regardless of whether it's being moved to a folder
to be kept or being moved to trash. From the description of the patch, it
sounds like the same thing would happen, so it probably wouldn't be a solution.

I also seem to have found a bug, which may already have been reported, in
marked messages that have custom colored headers. When it comes to using color
to mark a message for moving or deletion, that only works fine as long as the
user hasn't assigned custom colors to message headers. Custom header colors
applied by filters aren't overridden when marking a message. Even if they were,
the user's custom color choice could conflict with the color chosen for marked
messages. The only way coloring a marked message could consistently work is if
it overrode custom colors and if it used a color not available to the user.

This is one of the reasons I think using strike-through to distinguish messages
marked move to trash would be a good idea. It would be immediately obvious
regardless of the header colors, and the headers would still be readable.

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