[Users] [Bug 2535] Folders-of-folders should show total messages of child folders

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Sat Nov 5 21:49:48 CET 2011


--- Comment #2 from Michael Mounteney  2011-11-05 21:49:47 ---
I am astonished that anyone would argue against the enhancement.

See for example KMail or kagregator;  the total-of-folders figure only appears
when the folder is collapsed, so there is no confusion.  Regretably, the KSC
continues to be unreliable, even in 4.7.2, as well as a performance hog, which
is why I am now using claws (on XFCE).

A further option that I would like to see is that 0 figures should be
suppressed, as this would greatly reduce clutter on the summary view.

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