[Users] [Bug 2534] vCalendar meeting plugin: navigating the calendar is hard

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Fri Nov 4 08:37:53 CET 2011


--- Comment #5 from P Fudd  2011-11-04 08:37:53 ---
Oh, wow, that was embarrassing.. requesting a feature that's already present!

Ok, how about putting the list view/week view/month view items into the context
menu that you get when you right-click on the calendar?  That's where I was
fruitlessly searching for it.  Or put a few icons at the bottom of the calendar
window, for list/week/month view?

This is not so much a bug as a human interface design issue.  Or maybe you
could call it a bug in the user... :-)

Once you know where the option is, you'll never have think about it again.  It
only bites new users.

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