[Users] searching for a certain mail

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Tue Nov 1 22:35:13 CET 2011

> Now that's starting to get strange.

Indeed ! After shutting down X and relaunching, now works fine to the extent that there's just now way, however hard i tried, to reproduce the error ! 
Damm brat :)

Now suspicious console debug output.

I will see how it behaves.

ps. Only one thing strikes me, why does it always say "summaryview.c:1029:showing From , must show From" ?

pps. I played around with gnome-settings-daemon but that appears to simply have no impact at all on claws ? I do not exactly know how this is coded, i thought using gtk implies the settings daemon will take over.

ppps. just kidiing

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