[Users] questions about trash and execute

Bruce Bowler bbowler at bigelow.org
Fri Dec 30 14:23:54 CET 2011

Another "issue" has cropped up in my conversion from sylpheed to claws
and again, it's probably something stupid that I'm missing...

I'm running 3.8.0cvs6 on windows, downloaded yesterday, in the event
that it makes a difference.

I have unchecked the "execute deletes immediately" option, as I had
done in sylpheed.

2 behaviors that are different in claws (at least as I have it
configured) are 

1) that clicking "trash" moves the highlighted line in the Message pane
to the next message, but doesn't open the message.  I find no option to
change that behavior (sylpheed moves to the next message and opens it).

2) when I press the execute button, nothing appears to happen.  What I
expected to happen, and what happens in sylpheed, is that the marked
messages would be moved to the trash folder and the message pane would
be redrawn without the marked messages.

Have I "aimed too high" or have I missed a configuration option
somewhere along the line?


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