[Users] syncing Android contacts with Claws

Holger Berndt berndth at gmx.de
Sun Dec 25 14:17:39 CET 2011

On Sa, 24.12.2011 23:42, Gour wrote:

>after 'upgrading' my phone to Android I wonder if there is some way to
>sync my phone contacts with Claws' addressbook?

I've tried to get addressbook sync working for me for a very long time,
playing with SyncCe, OpenSync, syncing in Evolution and hooking Claws
Mail up to that, and various other methods - with very little success
over the years. When I got my android phone, I was really impressed how
well Google-based sync worked out-of-the-box - so I hooked Claws
Mail up to my Google addressbook using the GData plugin. It's not a
sync, it just makes the addressboook available in the
address-completion (and thus in functionality based on the address
completion as well, e.g. addressbook-based filtering), but I'm happier
now than ever before.

>We'd like to avoid keeping our data on Google...there is e.g. support
>for Thunderbird's addressbook on Memotoo.com, but I wonder about some
>Claws-related solution?

Of course, if you try to stay away from a Google-based solution, this
if probably no option for you.


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